Howdy! I'm Kayle!

(it's pronounced kay-el)

I'm a designer and creative technologist with a passion for creating thoughtful, human-centered digital experiences. 

I've been creating with computers since I was tall enough to reach a desk - starting off playing around in MS Paint, teaching myself how to script my own games, and building websites for myself and my friends. 

Now, I use my skills to design apps, websites, and even the occasional game!

Currently, I am working full-time as a Designer at Arkatechture.

Fun Facts:

  • I'm an INFP - but more like an ENFP online
  • Cancer sun/Scorpio moon (if you're into that!)
  • I play entirely too many video games
  • And spend way too much time online shopping!
  • I have two cats, El and Addie
  • I'm originally from Ohio
  • I'm passionate about inclusion in tech
  • And improving digital communities!

My Skills


Graphic Design

  • Branding & Visual Development
  • Digital Illustration
  • Print & Web Marketing Materials
  • Information Design

Interactive Design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Product Development
  • Games Production


Information Designer for St. Mary's Bank*
Web Designer for L.L. Bean*
Graphic Designer for Coastal Humane Society
Brand Designer for Nor'Easter Gaming Expo

UI/UX Designer for Safran Aerospace*
UI/UX Designer for Envirovantage*
UI/UX Designer for PROspect Staffing*
Brand Designer for Maine Kids Code*

*through my work as an in-house designer at Arkatechture


Recent Projects



Designing engaging, interesting content is one of my primary responsibilities as a Designer at Arkatechture. 


Vizzin' Quest 2016

What better way to illustrate a road trip to the 2016 Tableau conference than with a live, interactive Tableau data visualization? 


Arkatechture Website

I'm currently leading the design, graphics, development, testing, and implementation of a new website, being completed in phases.

ext (1).jpg

Conference Room Signs

After moving into a new office space, and colorfully naming the conference rooms after space ships, Arkatechture needed some creative signage.


BS in Mass Communcations
Husson University, NESCom

AS in Computer Science
Cottey College

AA in Digital Art
Cottey College